Why Play Ball in Gretna?

Updated Monday January 15, 2018 by GYSBA.

  1. A Short Drive!  Gas prices have remained high, staying close to home makes more sense.  It's the hidden registration cost you don't see.
  2. Meet your Neighbors!  Playing in Gretna allows your kids to play with other Gretna kids:  those they will go to school & church with, those you will see at Gretna Days, and those who live nearby. 
  3. Support our Parks! While the City of Gretna owns the parks we play many games at, your registration fees provide the maintenance and improvments to these fields.  Gretna Public Schools also graciously allows us the use of six of their fields for games and practices.  We work in partnership with GPS and the Gretna Baseball Foundation to maintain and improve these fields.
  4. The Great Outdoors!  Baseball and softball were meant to be played in the great outdoors!  While we do have occasional rainouts, our field maintenance teams (which includes great volunteer parents & coaches!) work to get them ready as soon as possible.